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Presidential DeBree

Created on Sunday, 09 July 2017 Last Updated on Sunday, 09 July 2017 Published Date

The DeBree Field
July 9, 2017

by Sam DeBree

For those who cling onto the "He's your president and he deserves your respect" mantra, please keep in mind that it is
possible to have full respect of the office and the position of the President without automatically transferring said sentiment to the person currently holding that position.
The man who we elected this past year has proven to be mentally, intellectually, psychologically and emotionally unfit to be the leader of this country. He is not a president. Heck, one could argue that he qualifies as an adult solely on chronology. At the maturity level, Donald J. Trump is a petulant child. He attacks anyone who slights him with the meanest most base insult his reactionary brain can tweet. He doesn't engage in grown up civil discourse. He rants and spews verbal venom like he is at his first rap battle against an ex-wife.

A few days ago, he tweet-punched the hosts of MSNBC's show "Morning Joe". The first two tweet below are recent.  The following tweets are from last year posted to establish the mindset of Donald and how he regards people.

Actual Tweets from Donald J. Trump. June 29,2017:

I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don't watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came.. Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year's Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no! June 3, 2016 I don't watch or do @Morning_Joe anymore. Small audience, low ratings! I hear Mika has gone wild with hate. Joe is Joe. They lost their way! August 22, 2016 Tried watching low-rated @Morning_Joe this morning, unwatchable! @morningmika is off the wall, a neurotic and not very bright mess! Some day, when things calm down, I'll tell the real story of @JoeNBC and his very insecure long-time girlfriend, @morningmika. Two clowns August 26, 2016 Wonderful @pastormarkburns was attacked viciously and unfairly on @MSNBC by crazy @morningmika on low ratings @Morning_Joe. Apologize! September 2, 2016 Just heard that crazy and very dumb @morningmika had a mental breakdown while talking about me on the low ratings @Morning_Joe. Joe a mess! Regardless how you feel about the hosts of "Morning Joe", it is important to understand that these are not tweets from a random blogger or angry viewer.

These are tweets from the man who is currently holding or was actively running for the Presidency of the United States. Reread the tweets above and ask yourself if you would ever allow anyone to refer to you in such a manner. Then try to justify it by saying that "He's my president and your president too". The sitting president should receive the respect that is due to the position. If and only if the man has the same respect for the position and for the people he represents. Donald J. Trump, by his own actions and words, does not respect the Presidency and he most certainly does not respect the American people. America deserves better than him. America is better than this.

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