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Sub: Same Oh, Same Oh


Here we go again with the Same Oh, Same Oh, not taking into consideration that the climatic condition in Butte are significantly different than those of any other water facility in Montana, even from those of Fairmont and Anaconda. In the last 20 years we have an average of 2.6 days with day time high temperatures over 90 degrees, 22 days with night time low temperatures above 50 degrees, and a brisk wind most afternoons after 4:00 PM.

I don’t get it!  We were told that the last bond for $7.5M failed because it included extra amenities other than the water park, so we are now proposing an $8.7M bond, a $1.2M increase without those same amenities.

The people I talked to did not vote NO because of the extra amenities, they voted NO because of $7.5M price tag for a 56 day usage facility.

So I ask; does Butte really need another “pool” at Stodden Park? 

Or does Butte just need an aquatic recreational feature at Stodden Park?

A glorified Splash Pad with a couple water slides ending in a splash pool that could be built for a couple million and enclosed for another million or so with one of those Canadian bubbles that would be less costly to operate and be complementary to the two swimming pools we already have in Butte.

A semi outside aquatics feature similar to the Indoor Water Parks, at the Billings Reef, the Mandan ND Mall, and/or the Des Moines Iowa Ramada Tropics Resort.

Some questions that were not asked by the Commissioners at the presentation:

- How was the survey conducted?

- Who was surveyed, only the aquatics community?

- Was it a random sample survey that included the tax payers?

- How much did the indoor facility considered loose?

- How much more was it’s lose than the lose of the facility proposed?

- Was the use of the Canadian bubble considered to improve comfort in windy condition and to extend the season?

- What type of facilities do attracted the older teenagers?
- Was a wind shield fence considered?

I still question the legality of the procedure that is being used to determine the aquatics feature for Stodden Park.

The “what” and “where” are policy decisions.

The B-SB City-County Charter stipulates that this Council of Commissioners shall determine policy.

Further more the B-SB- City-County Charter mandates that the Council of Commissioners shall authorize Community Councils to advise this Council of Commissioners.

Therefore any consideration, and/or decision made by the Council of Commissioners is most probably not legal until the Community Council provision of the City-County Charter is fulfilled.  

To be in compliance with the B-SB Charter the B-SB Council of Commissioners should be; Calling For, Selecting, and Authorizing, a Community Council, to submit a consensual community advisory recommendation for Recognition and Consideration by the Council of Commissioners.   

What is your opinion?

Ed Banderob
2601 Grand Ave., Butte MT

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