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Whose preference? The People's preference or the Government's preference?


I attended the the Superfund Advisory and Redevelopment Trust Authority meeting Tuesday (01/12/2016) where I was advised by the City-County officials In a Public Form that the preference of the CEO's selected Site Selection Committee was the Pole Plant. Capital costs would be about $11.5 million and annual operating expenses would be about $650,000.  

Informative Public Forms are good but Public Participation in the decision making process is even better.

I question the legality of the procedure that is being used to determine the relocation of the City-County Shop. The “what” and “where” are policy decisions. The B-SB City-County Charter clearly stipulates that the Council of Commissioners shall determine policy. Further more the B-SB- City-County Charter mandates that the Council of Commissioners is to authorize Community Councils to advise the Council of Commissioners. Therefore any consideration, and/or decision made by the Council of Commissioners relative to the movement of the City-County Shop is most probably not legal until the Community Council provision of the City-County Charter is fulfilled.   

What is your Opinion?

Ed Banderob

2601 Grand Ave., Butte MT

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