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Grocer victimized by the IRS

It isn't just the Mad Hatter or the Dormouse that have to beware of the heavy hand of the IRS. Small grocery businesses are treated just the same as drug cartels by those who govern the land of the free, reports George Will.

DeMint says U.S. government didn't end slavery

Former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint says that the U.S. Government had nothing to do with ending slavery, but he does give credit to the man who headed that government during the Civil War.
DeMint is now the president of the Heritage Foundation. Read all about it at The Wire.

Crisp advice for Gianforte

Outpost editor David Crisp doesn't believe it, but he is a world class editorial writer.
Here he gives Greg Gianforte some tips on how Gianforte's commencement addresses to Rocky Mountain College and Montana Tech should go. Read all about it at The Last Best News.

Putin gets authorization to use force

The upper house of Russia's parliament approved President Vladimir Putin's request to authorize the use of Russian troops in the Ukraine, thus avoiding Putin's use of troops in the Russian Parliament. Al Jazeera has the story.

Headlines we love

February 7, 2014
"Police bust woman for hiding handcuffs in bra" appeared as a headline on the Montana Standard website. 
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