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Music to ponder an ordinance by

As the council of commissioners tackles the proposed LBGT anti-discrimination ordinance, the band "Against Me" dishes up the "Transgender Dysphoria Blues," reports NPR. Thanks to the talented Anna Paige for the heads up.


Adhere to the plan, once we have a plan

January 13, 2014
Residents of West Virginia who get their water from the Elk River have been told that they will be asked to flush their pipes, but not to do it prematurely. 
“Unless the utility explicitly told them directly to start a procedure of flushing their household, they are not to proceed until they get those instructions,” West Virginia government spokesman Lawrence Messina said, according to the Christian Scienc Monitor.

Racicot senate run rumored

January 13, 2014
Marc Racicot was spotted in Helena speaking with local political insiders, Montana Cowgirl reports, citing one her tipsters. She tells us to stay tuned for more on a possible Racicot run for the soon-to-be-vacant Max Baucus senate seat.

Gibson on Skookums

In his delightful Butte history blog Dick Gibson give a brief history of the Skookum doll.

Photos to brighten your day

If you're feeling a bit down, here are some shots from Buzzfeed that will lift your spirits.
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