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The Karbassi Chronicles

Our Vacation in Butte, MT AKA Butte AMERICA

O well Hello there to my MOST Loveliest Super Greatest FANS Out there in my Favorite town of Butte, MT Via Butte~America!! O Well, that's what I've been told that's what it's Called or Shall I say Referred to as. Anyways my Favorite audiences Via my Friends, Families, Colleagues and Whoever else Reads Our Great Entertaining Stories on here. So back to what I was saying on here, my wife and I are on a MUCH Needed Vacation and we got back to Butte on Monday May 13'th, 2013 and So far it's just Been a Great TIME OFF for Both of US and my In- Laws! Except that my Father In Law has been working Non STOP and I've Actually Been going to work with him too! O YES Peeps, I just Could & Would Never Ever just Sit in 1 place and Don't Do Anything, such as Waist time or Anything in that Regards!! Cause as We All Know it, Time is Money $$$$ and it's Certainly Not just Handed to US Human Beings! We just have to Always WORK HARD @ IT, and then May B just May B, we'll get Great Results if We Put Our Heart & MIND IN TO IT!! My theory has Always Been & Will B "I'M IN IT TO WIN IT" & I'm Certainly Not going to GIVE UP THAT EASILY!! :) Sorry to Keep on Talking your HEAD OFF my Lovely Audiences!! :)

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Thursday Night Incident in Watertown, MA @ MIT University!!

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Once again, It All HAPPENS IN BOSTON!

O.M.G & WOW, here is the Latest Information that I've so far!! 1 Down and the Boston Police Department, The Massachusetts State Police, Via Massachusetts State Police is Looking for the Other Second A~Hole that HAD THE NERVES TO MESS WITH MY PEOPLE OF BOSTON Recently!! O YOU ARE GONNA GO DOWN SUCKER!! :)

Once again "The Boston's MANHUNT IS FINALLY OVER"!!
WATERTOWN, Mass. — Boston Police say a 19-year-old college student wanted in the Boston Marathon bombings is in custody after a manhunt that left the city virtually paralyzed and his
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