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The Karbassi Chronicles

Tuesday nights is now "Person Of Interest" night!

Tuesday nights are now great times to relax and watch many great shows on FOX as well as on CBS "Person of Interest"! Well first of all it starts with a new show called: "DADS", Brooklyn 99, followed by "New Girl", "The Mindy Project" and finally on CBS, there's Mr. Reese on "PERSON OF INTEREST"! Hey what can I say Peeps, our Marketing and Social Media Director Ali Karbassi sure LOVES his shows! So hope you also like his reports as well. Our readers could and are always welcome to contact him personally on his email address: "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.". So once again, thank you for all your loyalty and commitments every day 365 days a year and of course 24/7.

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Are there any loyal Tennis fans out there in the Butte, MT area???

On behalf of "ButteNews.Net" I'd like to say a quick hello to Our loyal online readers and possibly any Tennis fans and friends that we may have on here. I, Ali Karbassi would like to check in to see if any of our readers or fans like and enjoy playing my favorite game of tennis out there. Let's just say that I'm very impressed of All the tennis courts that you have in our town of the Pit AKA Butte, America!! Cause so far I've had the pleasure of playing at Stodden Park and just today, I managed to find another great Park "Father Sheehan Park" in the area. So I was actually wondering if any of our readers and fans may possibly like and enjoy playing Tennis at either 1 of those parks during the week or the weekend at your earliest convenience and if possible at all. I would really enjoy connecting with new people in town and to also promote the growth of tennis in Butte and the surrounding areas. So if interested, please feel free to contact me Ali Karbassi at your earliest convenience. My email address is as follows: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or my work Cell (406) 861-6533..... Once again, I'll look forward of getting in touch with you soon and just to find new friends in this wonderful town of Butte, America, where the people are very friendly and nice. Thank you once again and we look forward of being in touch with you on our site. Ali Karbassi Director of Marketing and Social Media (406) 861- 6533

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My wife and I finally moved to Butte, America!!

Well hello and good day to you all my "ButteNews.Net" readers and admires out there! Well thank you again for allowing me to post All my contents and funny stories as well as All my family experiences and such. The day had finally come to our final decision to leave the Big SKY Country of Billings, MT and finally move to your hometown of Butte where All the friendliest People's live and work so very hard at their every day lives and jobs. So I really think that my wife and I will really like and Enjoy our new and improved adventure in the Butte and surrounding areas! We hope to find some new and nice Butteian friends for a long time. Cause your Mining city sure Rocks! So therefore, thank you once again for reading some of my Funny and Funniest posts on here and don't ever think that I DO Not like and Enjoy writing at All! So for now, take care of yourselves and one another! :) Yours; Mr. K AKA "The Karbassi Chronicles Master himself"

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My last Day of work @ the Billings Clinic in the Big SKY Country of Billings, MT!!

After being at my position for just about 11 years and 2 months at the Billings Clinic, today was actually my last working Day and I really enjoyed working there for nearly a decade with some great wonderful colleagues and just about my second family. It sure was a Weird sad feeling to be finally leaving my position @ the HIM, Health Information Management Specialist formally Medical Records Specialist for nearly a Century ago, but it was for the best, due to the fact that my Loveliest wife and I will be starting a New chapter in our life and would be moving to be in the Butte, America Country via Butte, MT of Course!! But for now, that's All Folks in the NUT `~` SHELL!!! :)

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The MT FOLK Festival in Butte ~America!!

O WOW it sure would have Been So Great for my Loveliest wife and I to have been present for this years "MT FOLK FESTIVAL" in Butte, MT AKA BUTTE, AMERICA!! Cause we really wanted to B there for the MT Folk Festival where they have All these Great Musicians from All around the WORLD perform and Entertain Lots and lots of People from Butte and the Surrounding areas @ the Folk Festival! But again, my Loveliest wife were so busy doing our own things! I was invited to attend my friend's Bachelor's Party and it kind of felt that it was also my Own Bachelors PARTY, since we Didn't have any when I got Married to my Bestest friend whom I have the HONORS of calling her my WIFE!! ;),, :)

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