Are there any tennis fans out there that want to play today (Sunday)?

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So it's going to be a great Sunny day in our beautiful town of Butte, America once again. So is any one ready to play a game of tennis with our Director of Marketing and Social Media guy "The 1 & only Ali Karbassi"! Because he's so in to playing his favorite game of tennis that he can not wait for the Spring or Summer to get here soon enough, so that he could be able to go out there again & Again to play his tennis game he loves very passionately and just can't get enough of it throughout the year. However, tomorrow (Sunday) is going to be a very nice relaxing day to go out with friends, family members or Colleagues to explore many outdoor activities as well as setting up a tennis match at "Stodden Park" or even "Father Sheehan Park" in Butte, MT! So doesn't that sound so much fun People of BSB County? Hope to see you all out there walking, running, socializing  or even spend some much needed quality times with our family members and loved ones! So what do you say Peeps, let's go out there and have fun tomorrow morning or afternoon, til the sun goes down and becomes cold again. 

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