Tuesday nights is now "Person Of Interest" night!

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Tuesday nights are now great times to relax and watch many great shows on FOX as well as on CBS "Person of Interest"! Well first of all it starts with a new show called: "DADS", Brooklyn 99, followed by "New Girl", "The Mindy Project" and finally on CBS, there's Mr. Reese on "PERSON OF INTEREST"! Hey what can I say Peeps, our Marketing and Social Media Director Ali Karbassi sure LOVES his shows! So hope you also like his reports as well. Our readers could and are always welcome to contact him personally on his email address: "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.". So once again, thank you for all your loyalty and commitments every day 365 days a year and of course 24/7.

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