Are there any loyal Tennis fans out there in the Butte, MT area???

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On behalf of "ButteNews.Net" I'd like to say a quick hello to Our loyal online readers and possibly any Tennis fans and friends that we may have on here. I, Ali Karbassi would like to check in to see if any of our readers or fans like and enjoy playing my favorite game of tennis out there. Let's just say that I'm very impressed of All the tennis courts that you have in our town of the Pit AKA Butte, America!! Cause so far I've had the pleasure of playing at Stodden Park and just today, I managed to find another great Park "Father Sheehan Park" in the area. So I was actually wondering if any of our readers and fans may possibly like and enjoy playing Tennis at either 1 of those parks during the week or the weekend at your earliest convenience and if possible at all. I would really enjoy connecting with new people in town and to also promote the growth of tennis in Butte and the surrounding areas. So if interested, please feel free to contact me Ali Karbassi at your earliest convenience. My email address is as follows: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or my work Cell (406) 861-6533..... Once again, I'll look forward of getting in touch with you soon and just to find new friends in this wonderful town of Butte, America, where the people are very friendly and nice. Thank you once again and we look forward of being in touch with you on our site. Ali Karbassi Director of Marketing and Social Media (406) 861- 6533

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