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The MT FOLK Festival in Butte ~America!!

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O WOW it sure would have Been So Great for my Loveliest wife and I to have been present for this years "MT FOLK FESTIVAL" in Butte, MT AKA BUTTE, AMERICA!! Cause we really wanted to B there for the MT Folk Festival where they have All these Great Musicians from All around the WORLD perform and Entertain Lots and lots of People from Butte and the Surrounding areas @ the Folk Festival! But again, my Loveliest wife were so busy doing our own things! I was invited to attend my friend's Bachelor's Party and it kind of felt that it was also my Own Bachelors PARTY, since we Didn't have any when I got Married to my Bestest friend whom I have the HONORS of calling her my WIFE!! ;),, :)

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