Great DAY for a Walk and B Healthy!!

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Today has been such a great Super FANTABOLOUS Day in the Billings and the Surrounding areas that my Lovely Wife and I Decided to take advantage of this Great Lovely Weather and walked for just about an Hour or so! In fact, we even went further and walked on a Downhill slope to keep Our Heart rate moving faster than Our Usual walks.... WOW AND O.M.G I could totally FEEL IT NOW & let me tell YOU my Audiences. It feels GREAT and again I FEEL EVEN BETTER NOW than I did more than an HOUR AGO!! Cause I Didn't even know about All my Calf MUSCLES that I had 'til NOW!! K so that's All for Now and like I said: "That's All Folks in the NUT SHELL"!!! O & THNX for Following me and the family so far. 'til Next time around, have a Safe and Happy DAYS AHEAD!! :)

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