Are you ready for the elections on Tuesday November 4'th?

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Tomorrow is going to be a very important, but a special day at the US Senate in the United States of America, the Land of the FREE. As a US permanent resident, I would have liked to been able to do my civic duties to register to vote for the US Presidency, or for the US Senate. I strongly believe that if I were able to vote tomorrow, I would definitely have voted for Amanda Curtis for US Senate, instead of Republican Steve Daines. I believe that she has a lot to offer and during the debate two weeks ago, she did a superb job at the debate. She defeated her opponent Republican Steve Daines.  I hope that every one have a great day tomorrow and for people to the right thing, in order to elect a very qualified US Senate and House of Representatives.  Good luck to all the people of Montana and the nation for electing the right people for the United States of America and the House of Representatives.