Are you watching all your favorite shows on Sunday nights? if so, what are you watching?

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It sure is very difficult to determine which shows to watch and when on your television at one time! You may be wondering on why I'm writing about this on my blog and the reason is very simple. Because it is very hard to decide if you may want to watch one show or the other. My favorite shows happen to be #Resurrection on ABC, as well as #Believe on NBC. however, the only problem is that they are both all at the same time. This also includes my other favorite shows, that are #Revenge on ABC and the new show #Crisis that also happens to be on #NBC season 1 with Gilligan Anderson, who happened to be my favorite actress in #The X-Files Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder of course! I definitely miss The X-Files for sure. How about you my favorite readers of our news site?

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