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The Karbassi Chronicles

Are you ready for the elections on Tuesday November 4'th?

{jcomments on}Tomorrow is going to be a very important, but a special day at the US Senate in the United States of America, the Land of the FREE. As a US permanent resident, I would have liked to been able to do my civic duties to register to vote for the US Presidency, or for the US Senate. I strongly believe that if I were able to vote tomorrow, I would definitely have voted for Amanda Curtis for US Senate, instead of Republican Steve Daines. I believe that she has a lot to offer and during the debate two weeks ago, she did a superb job at the debate. She defeated her opponent Republican Steve Daines.  I hope that every one have a great day tomorrow and for people to the right thing, in order to elect a very qualified US Senate and House of Representatives.  Good luck to all the people of Montana and the nation for electing the right people for the United States of America and the House of Representatives. 

Billings woman charged with child endangerment

 And all I want to know about this young lady's craving for alcohol is that, was this really a necessity for her to do while taking care of a child?  I mean really, taking a trip to the store with the child is one thing, but obviously not when you're drinking!!!! I mean C'Mon' now, I always wonder on how some people's mentality and their state of mind works and operates at times.  More information found here.

Are you ready for the "Revenge" Season premier to begin next Sunday?

Are you ready for the Season Premiere of your favorite show "Revenge" to start next Sunday September 28, 2014? Because this past Sunday's episode, happened to be the season finale's of the last season. It was just perfect to see the Season Finale of "Revenge" on ABC then. Because I bet that all the fans of the show and myself included, sure can not wait any longer for season 4 to start next Sunday September 28, 2014!! So with that said, are you ladies and gentlemen ready for season premiere of "Revenge" to start then? If so, we at "ButteNews.Net" are also looking forward to the new season as well. In fact, our Director of Marketing & Social Media, Ali Karbassi himself, has been talking about this show since the season finale that aired on May, 11, 2014. So therefore, we can not wait til Sunday for the new season to start.  He won't stop talking about it, and he felt that he has no choice, but to give you his thoughts and ideas about the show.  All I am going to say is that, it's going to be a very fantastic show, especially with the return of David Clark on the show.  He will definitely make quiet an appearance and surprise the HECK out of people.  Not only that, but I firmly believe that it's not going to get any more Revengier that it already has through these past 4 wonderful seasons.  We sure wish the very talented Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) the best of luck from her favorite former daughter In- Law Emily Thorn (Emily VanCamp) on Sunday.  Because the truth may be revealed and Victoria will most definitely receive the surprise of a life time, with the return of David Clark.

 And we thought that if people were interested to learn more about their favorite actors and actresses, here is a little bio of them, to share for our readers and fans.

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And Maria Sharapova wins the Women's French Open tennis Championship on June 9'th, 2014

What can I say peeps, the good looking Russian player, Maria Sharapova has been a great player and she Defeats Simona Halep in Womens Singles Final on Court Philippe Chatrier. (C) 2014 Peter Staples — with Chris Harris at ROLAND-GARROS.
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Photo: Maria Sharapova Defeats Simona Halep in Womens Singles Final on Court Philippe Chatrier. (C) 2014 Peter Staples 

Rafael Nadal WINS the French Open once again!!

Rafa Nadal in the 9th heaven!

In Roland-Garros furnace, Novak Djokovic did his best to oust the King of the Clay from his throne, but he only succeeded in winning the 1st set. Stronger as ever on his beloved surface, the World n°1 establishes yet another record in Paris 3-6, 7-5, 6-2, 6-4 !

Congratulations Rafa!
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