Hello Butteites!

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 About three weeks ago my husband and I moved to Butte. We love this community and are so excited to be living here. In this blog I will relate our adventures, large and small, as we make this fascinating city our home.

Today, while wandering around uptown, taking in the bright warmth of early autumn, we stopped in at the new Grand Bakery on Broadway and got some of these babies :

 (It cannot be overstated how excited I am to be living within walking distance of fresh pastries and fancy bread.) They were delicious. By the way, there will be lots of pics of food on here. I know that it's kind of a social media/blogging cliché, but it can't be helped. One of the most alluring things about Butte, apart from the people and the history is the fabulous food culture.  

Finally, am I right in using Butteite? I've been trying, since my parents moved to Butte two years ago, to figure out what people from Butte call themselves (Butteite, Butteonian ?). I finally found a reference to Butteite on pg 289 of Beyond the American Pale by David M. Emmons (thanks Google Books!). So I'm assuming it's Butteite. If I'm wrong, do let me know.