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Front Street mechanic passes the torch


Photo and story by Jim Larson

Bruce Metcalf has sold Bruce’s Quick Lube and Car Care.

The new business is called Butte’s Best Quick Lube and Auto Repair.

The new owner is Kris Loomis, a master mechanic.

Loomis is an expert in all aspects of car care, noted Metcalf.

A new addition to the menu of services is air conditioning repair and maintenance. Not many shops in the area did air conditioning Loomis said, and he added that it required special equipment.

Air conditioning work was already coming in at a brisk pace, Metcalf said. He noted that Loomis was an expert in air conditioning. “He’ll keep everybody cool this summer, that’s one thing we never did,” Metcalf said.

Metcalf noted that he was turning 65. it was time that Uncle Sam helped with his lifestyle, he quipped.

He said that he had been looking for a buyer and that “Kris stepped up, and he was very interested in making this a better place.”

“It’s been a great place, great people in Butte, and I appreciate everybody’s patronage, and I’ll miss it, but not a lot. I’ll enjoy my retirement I assure you,”Metcalf joked.

Metcalf started the business in December of 1984.

Reflecting on the last 30 years, he noted that there had been “lots of ups and downs, lots of changes,” but now is was time to start another chapter of his life.

Metcalf said that Loomis would keep on all three of the shop’s current employees.

“Kris kept my old crew, and he’s taking off where I left off,” Metcalf said.

Loomis said that he had become tired of working for other people.

“I’m a master mechanic. I’ve been doing it for a long time. Time to step up to the plate, and do it myself,” he said.

When asked if he was going to do some fishing, Metcalf said, “You know, I don’t fish, but I love to get into the hills. I’ve got a cabin. I’ve been busy as a beaver. I don’t know when I had time to work.”

You can find Butte’s Best Quick Lube and Auto Repair at 1111 East Front Street.

 You can call them at 782-6124.

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