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News Briefs

Mobile counseling unit helps reluctant vets

March 16, 2014
News from the Far
Appearing in the Billings Outpost, this Ed Kemmick story describes how a mobile counseling unit helps veterans in Eastern Montana.

Lost plane deliberately flown off-course

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak told the international media yesterday that the missing Malaysian jetliner was flown off-course deliberately, politico reports.

Senate Intelligence grapples with Central Intelligence

The Obama administration decided not to prosecute those who tortured, but its Justice Dept. is considering prosecuting those congressional staffers who looked into those practices as a confrontation escalates between the CIA and the Senate committee that oversees the CIA, the Washington Post reports.

What Vlad Worry?

Politico's Ben Judah says Russia doesn't fear the west because Russia's leadership believes that the west only cares about money. Read his piece here.

Russia occupies Crimea

Russia has consolidated its takeover of Crimea, the eastern portion of Ukraine, CNN reports.
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