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News Briefs

Physicians point the finger at the other guy

Most doctors feel that other doctors are ordering extraneous tests, NPR reports. Here in Butte, Dr. Shawna Yates points to a faulty medical records system as the cause for the duplication of services, ButteNews.Net reports.

Underage sex trafficking new petroleum byproduct

One of the nasty byproducts of the Bakken oil boom is human trafficking. In Williston, entire hotel floors are booked by pimps,  Al Jazeera reports.

Dam listening session

If you would like to get your two cents in about NorthWestern Energy's proposed purchase of hydroelectric dams, the Montana Public Service Commission is holding a listening session in Butte at 5:30 p.m. at the Thornton Building on East Broadway, reports KXLF. The Thornton building is at 65 East Broadway. The session will be held on April 28.

Pranksters make community see red

April 18, 2014

Four pranksters put red cellophane over the lights that illuminate Our Lady of the Rockies, causing the monument to appear red Wednesday night. The group had removed the cellophane and was headed down the mountain when it was met by Butte police.  No charges will be filed unless damage is found, KXLF's John Emeigh reported

Evel days are here again

Evel Knievel Days are back on, Butte news outlets report. The festival is being run by a new non-profit with a new board of directors. The festival will be held July 24-26, KXLF reports.
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