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News Briefs

Biggest dino fossils found to date on display

A museum in Argentina has released the titans, well, at least their bones. The fossil remains of the biggest dinosaurs found to date are on display at Museo Paleontologico Egidio Feruglio. The plant eaters were 130 feet long and weighed 180,000 pounds, CNN reports.

A Daily update on Butte's Berkeley Pit

Here is an update from Butte's favorite Berkeley Pit watcher, Fritz Daily. He's got the numbers for the big toxic hole.

Reich tackles income inequality

Our Community Life and Arts Editor, Sarah Karbassi, found this Robert Reich piece that describes when income equality reaches a point at which it is destructive to everyone, and he offers solutions. Read him at Salon.

Mayfair on until 4 p.m. today

May 11, 2014
You can still catch Mayfair today. Exhibitors will be manning their booths until 4 p.m.

U..S. infrastructure runs out of gas

May 8, 2014
Funds to repair America's crumbling infrastructure aren't growing quickly enough to keep up with the need. That's because much of the funding for those repairs comes from the federal gas tax, and we are using less gas, the Wonkblog reports.
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