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News Briefs

The Fourth of July Parade begins at 10 am

July 4, 2018
The Butte Fourth of July parade begins at the Civic Center at 10 am. The parade then heads south on Harrison Ave.

Big business at odds with Republican president

July 3, 2018
Staying true to his populist base, President Trump is sticking with his trade policy and alienating big business, Politico reports.

Canada levies $13 billion in tariffs on US goods

July 1, 208
Canada announced that it is putting 13 $billion worth of retaliatory tariffs on a variety of US products, CNN Money reported. 

Sites document failed cryptocurrency operations

June 29, 2018
Two sites that actively document failed cryptocurrency operations are Coinopsy and DeadCoins. The sites report that over 1,000 cryptocurrency operations have already failed this year, reports.

Gunman opens fire on Annapolis newsroom

June 28, 2018
Five are dead and a suspect is in custody after a shooter opened fire on an Annapolis newsroom. The newsroom belonged to the Capital Gazette, national media outlets reported.

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