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News Briefs

Hot day in Helsinki

July 16, 2018
It's unusually hot in Helsinki as President Donald Trump meets one on one with Russian President Vladimir Putin, CNN reports. The leaders are meeting alone, with just their interpreters present, the network said.

New Orleans style parade kicks off Montana Folk Festival

July 13, 2018
Today, the Treme Brass Band will lead a parade from the gates of the Original Mine Yard to the main stage at the Original to kick off this year's Montana Folk Festival.  The parade starts at 6:00 pm. according to the Montana Folk Festival's website.

Croatia advances over England to finals

July 11, 2018
Croatia will advance to the World Cup finals to take on France. The Croatians beat the Brits in extra time in Moscow. It was the third victory in a row for Croatia that went into extra time, CNN reports

US President catches allies off guard at summit

July 11, 2018
President Trump caught America's NATO allies off guard, saying that the target for their defense spending should double, and he criticized the recently built Russo-German gas pipeline, the Guardian reported.

President pardons Oregon ranchers

July 10, 2018
President Trump pardoned Oregon ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond. The two were convicted of arson in 2012, and their situation inspired the 40-day standoff of a national wildlife refuge near the Hammond ranch, the Chicago Tribune reported.

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