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News Briefs

Billionaire Democrat building rival progressive infrastructure

July 31, 2018
Billionaire Tom Steyer is building his own $110 million political infrastructure for the Democrats, and in the process becomes a potential rival to the party's leadership, Politico reports.

Unfrozen lake may exist on Mars

July 25, 2018
Italian scientists using instrumentation on board the European Union's Mars Express orbiter believe they have found a large lake of liquid water underneath ice near the red planet's south pole, Wired reports.

Montana governor sues to block new IRS policy

July 24, 2018
Montana Governor Steve Bullock has sued the Trump administration to block a new IRS policy that no longer requires certain nonprofit organizations to reveal the names of their donors, the Hill reports.

Facebook to place Internet satellite

July 21, 2018
Facebook hopes to have its own Internet satellite in place by early 2019, Wired reports.

The last Blockbuster standing firm

July 21, 2018
If you can't find that rare movie title on any of your streaming services, head to Bend, Oregon. There resides the last Blockbuster, reports the Washington Post.

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