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News Briefs

Superdelegates influence reduced

Aug 27, 2018
The Democratic National Committee has voted to reduce the power of superdelegates, Roll Call reports.

McCain dead at 81

Aug. 25, 2018
Republican Senator John McCain is dead at 81. He had recently stopped treatment for a terminal brain tumor.
McCain was at the center of American politics both ideologically and in the flow of events.
The maverick senator twice ran for his nation's highest office. In 2008 he was his party's candidate, running against Barack Obama.
He represented Arizona in the US Senate.

Musk talks future of $25,000 Tesla

In this "in-factory" interview, Marques Brownlee and Elon Musk talk about an affordable Tesla model.

Guernsey woman halts road project with a chant

Aug. 20, 2018
Kneeling on the pavement, a 70-year-old Guernsey woman brought a road construction project to a halt by by chanting a 1,000 year old plea that still holds legal sway on the island, the Washington Post reports.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock speaks at Iowa State Fair

Aug. 17, 2018
Governor Steve Bullock spoke at the Iowa State Fair yesterday, the AP reported. The 2020 Iowa Caucuses take place before other state primary events, and a good showing there can give a presidential candidate momentum that can carry them to their party's nomination.

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