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News Briefs

Virus gains ground
April 7, 2021
As variants of the virus establish a foothold and government relaxes rules, cases of COVID-19 are once again on the rise, the New York Times reports.

Big broadband package attracts interest

March 22, 2021
Montana's legislature has to decide how to allocate $900 million in funds, part of a $3 billion dollar possible package from The American Rescue Plan Act. The plan could expand broadband access in the state, reports.

Man and son disarm attacker

Feb 23, 2021
A man and his son were able to disarm and detain Dylan Harrison, a man who was allegedly trying to steal their vehicle. 
During the confrontation, Harrison brandished a .45 caliber pistol. The father, age 66, was shot in the hand. Nevertheless, father and son were able to hold Harrison there until police arrived just three minutes after they were called. It happened on the 3200 block of Quincy street, a press release said.

Rolling blackouts include eastern Montana

Feb 17, 2021
Rolling blackouts were ordered by The Southwest Power Pool based in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Member utilities in 14 states, including two in Montana, were told to cutoff power for set periods as extreme cold in the region drove up usage and threatened the stability of the grid, the New York Times reported.

State's chief medical officer resigns
Feb 12, 2021
Montana's chief medical officer, Greg Holzman, has turned in his resignation. While possibly coincidental, the resignation comes on the heels of Governor Greg Gianforte's termination of Montana's mask  mandate. Read about it here. The resignation came on Thursday. Governor ended the mask mandate Wednesday, The East Oregonian reported.

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