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News Briefs

Three years after Massey disaster, no reform

Three years after the disaster in the Massey coal mine that killed 29, promised reforms remain just promises. Howard Berkes reports in The Two Way.

Roger Ebert dies at 70

Roger Ebert, beloved American film critic, has died at age 70. CNN offers this tribute.

Iron Maggie dies at 87

One of the towering figures of the the Twentieth Century, Margaret Thatcher, has passed away, national news outlets report. Global Post is keeping an eye on developments with a live blog.

Obama puts chained CPI on the table again

Index in chains
Once more the president has put the chained CPI on the table. It's a revised Consumer Price Index that would provide smaller cost of living increases for citizens on Social Security. Politico lays it out.

Morning after pill made available to all women

A federal court has ruled that the morning after pill be made available to women of all ages, the New York Times reported.
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