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News Briefs

Unemployment drops to 7.5 percent

The U.S. economy added 165,000 jobs last month, dropping the unemployment rate to 7.5 percent. The number of jobs added edged beyond the predictions of forecasters, The New York Times reported.

Sherpas pummel climbers

Three Western climbers were smacked around by disgruntled Sherpas on Mount Everest Saturday. For more mayhem on the mountain, consult the Daily Beast.

Woman suffocated to death in dumpster

More detail has been reported concerning the death of a Butte woman who died in a dumpster behind the BSW Thrift Store in Butte on Sunday. The woman suffocated after falling in head first. As she struggled to free herself, heavy items in the container fell on her and pinned her into a position in which she could not breathe. KBZK reports.

Butte woman found dead in dumpster

A Butte woman's body was found in a dumpster behind the BSW Thrift store Sunday morning. The death has been ruled an accident. Authorities believe the woman fell into the dumpster, several news sources have reported.

Preservationists selling salvaged stuff

Starting at 9 a.m. today Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization are holding a sale of salvaged items. Find the details at their Facebook page in the April 23 post.
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