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News Briefs

Dead man found on East Ridge

The body of a man estimated to be in his mid-50's was found on Butte's East Ridge The man's body was discovered at about 10 p.m. on Thursday by hikers. KXLF has the story.

The horse harvest

A new horse slaughter house is about to come online in Texas. Food columnist Ari LeVaux sheds light on the complicated world of wild American mustangs, the European horse meat market and the other moving parts that make up the romantic vision and cruel reality of horses in the American West. Read it here.

BSB HR chief suspended

Butte-Silver Bow Human Resources Director Lindsey Moe was suspended with pay pending an investigation into possible policy and procedure violations, local news outlets have reported. Sources familiar with the city-county government report that the suspension may be, in part, related to disputes over the implementation of the Fox Lawson wage and salary increases last year.

Assault prevention chief arrested for assault

The Air Force Lt. Colonel in charge of preventing sexual assault has been arrested for sexually assaulting a women in a parking lot. He was drunk, and his victim fought him off, reports NPR.

Enormous solar plane traverses America

A slow-moving solar plane with a 208-foot wing span is traveling across America, NPR reports.
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