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News Briefs

Butte High school burglar caught on camera

The image of a man believed to have robbed Butte High is being distributed in the hope that it will aid in his arrest, KXLF reports.

Holder authorizes Risen subpoena

Prominent New York Times reporter vows to fight

Attornery General Eric Holder has authorized prosecutors to subpoena the records of James Risen in connection with trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling. Mr. Risen is a reporter for the New York Times. He was served with a subpoena on Monday. Mr. Risen has vowed to fight the subpoena, T
he New York Times reports.

Payroll as important as tech in matters of defense

Those who serve deserve an accurate pay stub as well.  Read all about it at Atlantic Media's new site, Defense One.

Butte teen escapes squad car

Colin Spinks escaped a BSB police car, but was caught again, KXLF reports.
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