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News Briefs

DEA forgets student locked in cell

Daniel Chong was left in a holding cell for more than four days without food or water by DEA agents. The agents had forgotten him. Working to survive, Chong drank his own urine. The government has settled with Chong for 4.1 million dollars. When Chong was locked up, an agent told him that he wouldn't be charged and that someone would come back for him "in a minute," ABC news reports.

Sen Cruz wages scorched earth campaign against Obamacare

Republican Ted Cruz, the junior senator from Texas, has his fellow Republicans in his sights as he wages an all-out campaign against the affordable health care act, Politico reports.

Manning found not guilty of aiding the enemy

Pfc. Bradley Manning was found not guilty of aiding the enemy, the most serious charge against him. The verdict was the result of Manning's court-martial for releasing thousands of Pentagon and State Dept. documents to WikiLeaks. Manning was found guilty on numerous other lesser espionage charges, the New York Times reports.

Something smells in Lake County

Something smells in Lake County, and it's washing up in Helena, the Missoula Independent's Matt Frank reports.

Electrical fire in Uptown Butte during Evel Days

An electrical fire in the alley behind Gamer's Friday eveining didn't cause any interior damage, but power was cut off to Gamer's and the M&M and not restored until this morning, KXLF reports.
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