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News Briefs

Former British PM describes road to next global financial meltdown

Gordon Brown, former British prime minister and chancellor of the Exchequer, notes that the world's financial powers have done  little to put their houses in order since the last global economic disaster, and he thinks that we are careening towards another. His opinion appears in the New York Times.

Schweitzer gets a start on visiting all 99 of Iowa's counties

Montana's celebrity former governor Brian Schweitzer is in Iowa where he hopes to eventually visit all 99 of the state's counties, the reports.

The Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky predicts that by fall, Obamacare will benefit the Democrats

December 16, 2013
As enrollment numbers for the Affordable Care Act climb dramatically, Tomasky at the Beast predicts that today's albatross will lay a golden egg for the Democrats by Fall.

Maroons and Bulldogs prevail on Saturday in basketball clashes

December 16, 2013
Butte High beat Belgrade 62-55 Saturday, and Butte Central took down Laurel 59-51 in overtime Saturday in basketball action, KXLF reports

Butte miner dies naturally

December 13, 2013
A Butte miner working at Montana Resources was found unresponsive near one the large mining trucks. His death was ruled to be a cardiac event not related to work, KXLF reports.
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