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News Briefs

Congress told Russians already meddling in 2020 election
Feb. 20, 2020
US intelligence officials told lawmakers that Russia was already meddling in the 2020 presidential race. The Russian goal was to reelect President Trump, the officials said in a classified briefing. The briefing angered the president, reported the New York Times.

Boy Scouts bankrupt

Feb 18, 2020
The Boy Scouts of America has filed for bankruptcy. The organization faces hundreds of lawsuits that allege sexual abuse of minors, the Washington Post reports.

Butte Mall seeks theater operator replacement

Feb. 14, 2020
The manager of Butte Plaza Mall noted over the phone Thursday that the mall was actively seeking a replacement for AMC Theatres. AMC confirmed earlier this week that it was leaving Butte on Feb. 20.

Mall Manager Alana Ferko said that beyond the business aspect of finding a replacement operator, a town's movie theater was a cultural necessity.

Hillary won't be Bernie's Valentine in 2020
Jan. 21, 2020
Hilary Clinton said that nobody likes Bernie Sanders and that she won't support him. She made the remarks in a documentary that has not yet debuted, the New York Times reports.

Communications impaired nationwide, Sheriff reports

Jan 12, 2020
Sheriff Ed Lester reported at 1:15 today that Spectrum and Verizon services were "apparently" down nationwide. He noted that Silver Bow 911  and emergency services were working at that time. He also reported that land lines and WiFi  were working.
Spectrum Internet and cable were operating this afternoon in Uptown Butte. 

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