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Butte Law Enforcement-Media release for Monday, June 29, 2020


June 29, 2020 -

Editor's Note: This police blotter was provided by the Office of the Sheriff of Butte-Silver Bow

Arrestee-Markus Abad, age 48 of Butte

Charge: Criminal Mischief (felony)

Abad was arrested just after midnight on June 29th.  He had allegedly broken two front windows at Miller Boots and Shoes.  Abad then entered the business and apparently dialed 911.  Officers arrested Abad at the scene.

Arrestee-William Lucas, age 33 of Butte

Charge: Vehicle Theft (Felony)

Lucas was arrested in the 2300 block of Locust at approximately 6pm on June 28th.  A couple and their daughter had finished unloading their vehicle, a 2019 Ford Pickup, when the daughter noticed a male inside the truck.  They confronted the male and then spoke to him until police arrived.  Lucas allegedly admitted he planned to steal the truck and drive to California.

Arrestee-Cody Smith, age 27 of Butte

Charge: Partner or Family Member Assault (Strangulation)

Smith was arrested in the 600 Block of North Jackson Street at around 10am on June 28th.  A female stated that she had been choked by Smith.  Smith allegedly admitted he had choked the female.


  1. Clyde Davis, age 25 of Butte.  Burglary
  2. Danielle Johnston, age 28 of Butte.  Burglary
  3. Corrine Lesh, age 31 of Helena.  Burglary and Obstructing a Peace Officer

Davis, Johnston, and Lesh were all arrested in the 800 block of the Silver Bow Homes housing complex at around 9:30pm on June 27th.  It was reported that persons had broken into a residence in the apartment complex.  Davis, Johnston, and Lesh were found inside the apartment in question and had no authority or approval to be in the apartment.  Lesh also gave the responding officers a false name during the investigation into the incident.

Arrestee-Aaron Guttierez, age 25 Homeless.

Charge: Disorderly Conduct

Guttierez was arrested near the intersection of George and Montana Streets at approximately 9pm on June 27th.  Guttierez allegedly chased a vehicle and then threw himself into the side of the car after the males inside refused to buy him alcohol.  Guttierez appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the offense.


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