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Postal workers rally across U.S. to save post office


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Eric Tegethoff
June 23, 2020

-- Postal workers are rallying across the country today for Save the Post Office Day.


The U.S. Postal Service has struggled during COVID-19, projecting a $13 billion loss this year as a result of low mail volume. But it was left out of Congress' $2 trillion relief package passed in March.


Montana state president of the American Postal Workers Union Gary Phillippe said the Postal Service has consistently ranked as the public's most beloved government agency.


"The post office is number one -- the most well-run, the most well-liked and the most favorable with the public, every single year," Phillippe said.


President Donald Trump threatened to veto the CARES Act if it provided relief to the post office. Phillippe said saving the post office also will save middle-class jobs, including in rural communities.


He added postal workers bring joy to folks, delivering cards and letters from loved ones.


"They like getting a letter in their mailbox," he said. "Everybody does, whether it be a birthday card or not."


Phillippe has a simple proposal for how people can help the post office today: buy stamps.


"Every American that's 18 years old or older goes to the post office and buys a book of stamps - that's 20 stamps - they will save the post office," he said.

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