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Golden Ticket Cinemas to bring luxury moviegoing experience to the Butte Plaza Mall


 Press Release from Butte Plaza Mall: 



February 18, 2020, Butte, MT – This March, the Cinema 6 at the Butte Plaza Mall will reopen under new ownership as the Golden Ticket Cinema Butte 6.  After the summer movie season slows down, an extensive remodel will begin.  Guests will be wowed with new luxury reclining seats, an expanded food and beverage menu, upgraded sound as well as a fresh new upscale look, as Golden Ticket Cinemas re-opens the movie theatre at the Butte Plaza Mall - bringing a luxury movie experience to Butte.


“The upgrading of the theatre is long overdue, but our first goal is getting the theatre reopened so we can get movies back on screen for the patrons in Butte” said John Bloemeke, President of Golden Ticket Cinemas. “After the busy summer movie season dies down, we will begin our remodel with the goal of bringing many large market amenities to smaller towns like Butte.  We can’t wait to see the reaction to the changes that we have in store for moviegoers.  Most importantly, we are committed to not increasing prices, and in fact, we will be adding numerous promotions and values that are new to the market.”  Bloemeke added “Discount tickets on Tuesdays will continue.  The existing, and well loved, popcorn bucket will continue as we will fill your previously bought 2020 buckets for only $4.25 through the end of the year.”


The Golden Ticket Butte 6 will reopen this March and tickets will be available soon via our website, or  There is no need to worry that Butte will miss out on the big upcoming blockbusters, as movies like Bond: No Time To Die, Mulan, Black Widow, Fast 9 and Wonder Woman 1984 will be on the big screen!


The reopening of the cinema will begin with some slight cosmetic changes, and more large scale renovations, like new seating and an expanded menu, will occur this fall. The whole project should be completed by November of this year.


Applications for employment are available via our website:


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