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Like his home town, this Butte groove metal rocker just won't quit


by Jim Larson

Shawn Roxx Hoskins keeps the faith.

The groove metal rocker is in his fifties, but he still strives for the big time.

His band, “My Fist Your Face,” put out an album on Saint Patrick’s Day in 2019, and Hoskins plans to put one out every Saint Patrick’s Day until he dies or runs out of money, he said during an interview.

Instead of waiting years between albums, Hoskins said that he’d rather put four songs on a CD and record one annually.

Hoskins speaks of his band’s drummer, and he can’t speak highly enough of him.

Adrian Monaghan drums for MFYF, and Hoskins says sometimes it’s a struggle to keep to keep the drummer onboard, but Hoskins notes that the crowd’s reaction to the band at the 2019 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade helped to convince Monaghan to stick around.

Hoskins said that after the positive response he told his drummer, “Dude, just follow me. I’ll take you to the land of milk and honey. I promise, I know where it’s at.”

For his part, Hoskins says, “I want to tour. I want to go to Europe. I want to do what rock bands do, and I’m 53. I’m running out of time.”

Hoskins isn’t just a performer. He’s a giant metal fan.

I’ve been on the radio over 35 years waving the flag man. I’ve been on the radio waving the flag of metal longer than anyone in the whole world,” Hoskins emphasizes “whole world.”

He’s seen Kiss 19 times and has plans to see them a 20th, he notes.

His current radio show is Saturday at 10 pm on KBMF, Butte’s low power radio station. “The punishment continues every Saturday, “ Hoskins notes,

On the first track of “A Mountain Made of Metal,” Hoskins prelude describes Butte’s contribution to the world and the sacrifice that came with it.

This is why we do what we do, metal for me, metal for you,” Hoskins sings in the second track “Why.” While metal is often associated with dark themes and nihilism, MFYF sounds a hopeful note.

If the first track is a celebration of the pure joy of being in the metal matrix, track three embraces metal as a sort of therapy for lost love, a way to meet someone new.

The next track describes a failed love, but yet despair is not in the cards. Hoskins admonishes, “love and learn.” “When it’s all said and done,” Hoskins sings, you’ll find the one you need.

Darkness finally comes in the final track, which seems to be song number five. “He’s a legendary deadly crime stopper,” the band wails. The subject of the tune is pure badass, but the song’s mocking tone reflects Butte’s complicated and sometimes disapproving view of law and order.

A Moutain Made of Metal" moves forward relentlessly, as groove metal is meant to do, but it seems to be over all too soon. Maybe four (or five) tracks really isn’t enough.

See Hoskins describe his heavy metal dreams in the ButteNews office.


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