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Crosstown challenge: Headframe Hoops basketball game to benefit Rescue Mission March 21, 2019


Press Release from Rescue Mission:

Headframe Hoops - Butte High 2018


Butte Central’s faculty and alumni will go up against Butte High’s to claim the Headframe Hoops traveling trophy on March 21 at the MAC.

The 2nd–annual Headframe Hoops basketball game will be on Thursday, March 21, at 7 p.m. at the Maroon Activity Center to support the Butte Rescue Mission.

With sights set on winning the trophy, Central’s team is: Susie Hogart, Father Kirby Lango, Paddy Burt, Bryn Smith, Brynne Kambich, Clay McQueary, Tom Boyle, Dan Boyle, Collin Hollow, Tanner Newman, Alex Murphy, Dani Jo Leary, Marc McGree, Zack Stajcar, Jordan McIntyre and Kelcey Thatcher.

Defending the crosstown Headframe Hoops title for Butte High is: Hattie Thatcher, Krystin Mengon, Maria Robinson, Micaul McClafferty, Dani Greer, Ryson Lovshin, Lee Smith, Brock Powell, Evan Anderson and Brian Smith.

At halftime, a dribbling contest for area grade school students will be held. The 
contest will be a relay race to bean bags placed at center court. Each contestant 
dribbles to the bean bags, picks one up and dribbles back to the starting line and taps the next in line. Separated for grades K—2nd grade and 3rd—5th grades, the teams will be organized at the event.

Butte Central’s pep band will perform during the game. Butte High welding student Trace South created design the Headframe Hoops 
trophy in 2018.

Come join in on the family fun and help the Mission. For details, call Janice at the Butte Rescue Mission at 782-0925.


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