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Book art helps out Mother Lode Theatre

By Diane Larson

Photo of Linida's book sculptures on display at the Mother Lode Theatre. Photo by Toni Hope. says that “For thousands of years sculpture has filled many roles in human life. The earliest sculpture was probably made to supply magical help to hunters.”


Around February of 2018, Lindia Hope-Stanton discovered book sculptures.  The sculptures she creates are meant to supply magic to help the Mother Lode Theatre in Butte.


Lindia was visiting with Pat Campbell, owner of Beautiful Butte and Beyond, at the store and they were talking about Lindia’s book sculptures. During the visit Lindia mentioned that she would not sell the books outright, but that “I told her that I wouldn’t sell them but that I would give them to people to use for charity, they could use them, sell them or place in auctions whatever their need,” said Lindia.


At that point Pat informed Lindia about the need at the Mother Lode, “The more we talked about it, we decided that I would give her the books and she was willing to display them and work with the Mother Lode to sell them and all profits go to the Mother Lode to help with their troubles,” said Lindia.

 Photo of Lindia by Toni Hope. 

Lindia’s decision to help out the Mother Lode was based on her love of the theatre, “I’ve been to a few shows, and I think it would be a shame for Butte to lose that,” said Lindia.


Lindia was raised in Butte but moved to Washington when she married. Currently retired her and her husband split their time between Butte and Vancouver, Washington.


What is book sculpting? explains it as taking the art of reading and transforming it into the reading of art. The tools the book sculptor uses can be knives, glue, and paint or simply just folding. The idea is to take an old book and repurpose it into a work of art.

“Last Christmas I was making some paper flowers to decorate wrapped wine bottles as gifts. So around February I saw some folded books on YouTube and decided I was going to do one,” said Lindia. She explained that she really liked the new art project and found it very fun and relaxing. “I became pretty obsessed with them, and I couldn’t do them fast enough,” said Lindia; the ideas kept coming.


Lindia is a life-long artist, and these book sculptures are the newest addition to her talents. When asked if she ever repeats a design Lindia said, “I try not to; I try to make them all so they are all unique and one of a kind.”


However, Lindia said that she has gotten requests to recreate a few and has done that, but just a few and only upon request. 


Some of Lindia’s book sculptures include a book folded into a turkey and another into a fish. Many are designed with paper flowers and butterflies; there are even people sculpted from the pages of a book. She said that it takes her not more than a day, some a few hours to make one book.


The books she uses come mostly from Goodwill and the dollar store.  “Usually those are books that are going nowhere next, but maybe a dump and so by doing something like this maybe they’re getting a bit more life and class,” said Lindia. She uses mostly hardback books because she says they are a little more stable.


Lindia has created many book sculptures since February. The sculptures that are in Butte are at Beautiful Butte and Beyond at 21 North Main.


Currently, the sculptures are displayed in the far room on several display cases. When you enter Beautiful Butte and Beyond to see the book sculptures, the owner, Pat Campbell will be happy to take you to them and give a short history of how they came to be there.

Pat Campbell in her shop, Beautiful Butte and Beyond.

Photos of Pat Campbell, Turkey and Deer book sculpture by Diane Larson



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