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Flag day is Thursday, June 14


June 14th is Flag Day; the following flag etiquette is taken from


The American flag should be displayed from sunrise to sunset on building and on stationary flagstaffs in the open. For those times when the flag should be displayed for twenty-four hours if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.


Raising the Flag: The flag is hoisted with vigor, it greets the dawn and it raised with pride.


Lowering the Flag: You will notice that the flag is generally lowered (when done appropriately) much more slowly than when it is raised. Lowering the flag is done with a sense of dignity and ceremony.


Saluting and Placing Hand Over Heart: To show reverence, active duty military in uniform should salute when the flag passes in a parade or is raised or lowered. If music is played as it is lowered (such as taps), the salute is held through the last notes of the music or until the flag is removed from the halyard. Civilians or military members not in uniform should ‘salute’ by places their hands over their hearts.


Handle with Reverence: When the flag is lowered, great care should be taken to prevent it from touching the ground.


When displayed with other flags: When more than one flag is displayed (such as at a state capitol building) the United States flag is flown above it or on a higher staff. When displayed with flags of other countries, each flag has its own staff, and in times of peace, the flags are flown at the same height, it is greatly preferred that flags of each nation are similar in size in these settings.


Floats and Parades: Flags should not be used in decorative manners, such as draping or coverings for vehicles, floats, tables or other surfaces. If a flag is used on a float, it should fly from a staff.


When Suspended from a Height: The flag may be displayed by suspending it (such as above an entryway or foyer); the union field (the blue area with stars) should be on the left as a person enters the building.


When Hanging Vertically: The union field (blue with stars) is displayed to the left of the observer’s viewpoint.


Near Speaker’s Platform: The flag may be hung behind and above the speaker, or displayed on a staff in the place of honor, to the right of the speaker (the left, when viewed from the audience). If another flag is present, such as in a state government setting or in a church, it is displayed on the left of the speaker (the right of the audience).


Defacing or Marking the Flag: Flags should not be altered in any manner by marking or drawing on them. It is inappropriate to use images of the flag for advertising purposes.


Display it Daily! The flag should be flown with pride, every day, especially on or near government buildings, schools and in other public settings. Private citizens who display the flag are encouraged to display it on several holidays as a way to recognize the country or the purpose of the holiday.


Proper Disposal: Flags can get worn and tattered from the wind and weather, even when handled with care. Any flag that is greatly frayed or faded should be disposed of properly; the recommended method is through burning. Scout troops sometimes offer this as a public service. If you have a flag that needs to be disposed of, check with a local troop to see if they will do this for you.


How to fold the United States Flag

Two people hold the flag lengthwise, spread between them waist thigh to avoid touching the ground.

Fold the flag is half, lengthwise, with the lower half of the striped section (below the union field) folded over the field of stars.

The flag is folded lengthwise again, with the blue field on the outside of the folds.

Starting at the striped end, make a series of triangular folds along the length of the folded flag.

As the triangular folds are completed, only the blue stars will be seen on either side of the folded flag. 



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