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Weapon discharged in pursuit near Brown's Gulch


April 14, 2018

Clothing was burned, a shot was fired, and a short-lived chase ensued near Brown’s gulch this morning, Butte police reported.

Butte officers responded to the area this morning at roughly 9:30 am.

A call had come in regarding the theft of gas from a residence, a press release said.

Officers spied a vehicle that matched the description of a vehicle described by the person who called in the complaint, police reported.

The man driving the suspect vehicle turned onto Provost Road, attempting to “elude the officers,” the release said.

He then drove onto private property. There the vehicle became stuck, police reported.

Officers removed the man from the vehicle. At that point a woman “lit some clothing on fire along with some gas that was inside the vehicle and fled towards the residence,” a press release said.

One of the suspects then entered a vehicle that belonged to the home. As an officer attempted to stop the vehicle, the officer was drug a short distance. The officer became free and fired on the vehicle, police said.

Additional officers stopped the fleeing a vehicle a short distance away.

The officer drug by the car suffered minor injuries. No one else was injured, police reported.

The man and the woman are in police custody. The Montana Dept. of Criminal Investigation has been called in to help with the investigation, the release said.

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