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The state of Valentine's Day gift giving


by Diane Larson


St. Valentine’s Day is a time for presenting your beloved a bouquet of flowers or perhaps some candy. Those are the two most popular gifts of the holiday. Mid-February, Valentines’ themed candies fly off the shelves of the stores while flowers, particularly roses, head out the florist door at alarming rates.


In 2017 the Society of American Florist (SAF) conducted a survey of its members directly after Valentine’s Day to see what was popular. Fifty-one percent of all flowers sold last year were roses. Sixty-seven percent of those roses were specifically red. The average price per dozen roses by most of those who answered the survey was $85.00.


Candy is another popular gift for the day. Often candy accompanies the flowers. Chocolate is a likely candidate and a popular one for the day. And yet, the favorite type of chocolate or other kinds of candy for Valentine’s Day varies depending on which state you currently reside.


A chart put together by said that fourteen states across America prefer the heart-shaped box filled with chocolates as a gift for their loved one, while only five states rank Hershey’s kisses as their favorite.


The candy necklace we all enjoyed as a child is the favorite of one state, four states favor M&Ms, five prefer chocolate roses and two adore chocolate hearts.


Coming in first as a favorite across the nation is the classic conversation hearts. Nineteen states claim the messaged sugar lozenge as their favorite. And yes, in case you are wondering, Montana is one of those nineteen states.


According to, approximately 40 million boxes of chocolates will be purchased. In that mix of boxes of chocolates, the majority of them will be caramel-flavored. Sixty-nine percent of that will be in chocolate flower form.


An article on ranked the most popular Valentine’s candy 1 to 10. This article claims that; “February 14, is the day to show others how much you care by showering them with sugar.”


Valentine’s themed Dots comes in a #10. This holiday-themed edition of the classic candy differs because they only come in pink, red and white colors with their flavors being cherry, passion fruit, and vanilla.


Number 9 is the traditional candy cinnamon bears. claims these are a favorite because of their red color and spicy flavor. The next candy on the list, number 8, is somewhat of a surprise, the candy necklace. Number 7 is Wild Berry Skittles.


Coming in at six is Dove chocolates and in the five slot, well, that is Nerds. The next three are all chocolate based, number 4 is Hershey’s Kisses, number 3 is Lindt Lindor Truffles and number 2 is M&M’s.


Not surprising at all, in the number one position ‘conversation hearts,’ a favorite of every school child. 



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