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Aftermath: Picking up the pieces after semi destroys yard


Photo by Robin Jordan

Story and photo by Robin Jordan (Butte Weekly) 

                John Kelly, owner of the historic home at 800 S. Montana, is in the process of picking up the pieces of his “Shangri La,” the picturesque yard and garden just to the south of his house.

                On Wednesday, July 16, Butte-Silver Bow Public Works employees repaired damaged concrete around a tree cutout in the sidewalk in front of Kelly’s property. Yellow plastic fencing still covers the gap in the lilac hedge that was damaged June 9 when a semi-truck and trailer careened across Montana St. from Iron St., crashed through the guardrail and tore through Kelly’s yard, finally coming to rest partly atop the garage at the rear of the property, damaging two cars that were inside.


                The two cars, a convertible and a small station wagon, are now parked on Iron St. just north of Kelly’s home.

                Kelly said damage to the two cars is estimated to be $18,000, according to quotes he received last week.

                Kelly said he was expecting a conference call that day from his insurance agent, who had arranged the call to discuss a settlement with the insurance agency representing the Missoula trucking firm that owns the semi-truck and trailer involved in the accident.

                Sheehan Majestic Feist Watson Enterprises owns the 2014 Freightliner and the refrigerator trailer that were driven by Mark Edward Davis the night of the accident. Davis told law enforcement officers and emergency personnel at the scene that he last remembered taking the Iron St. exit from the eastbound lane of I-90 before awakening unharmed in his cab after the crash.

                Police determined that Davis, who had been on the road for many hours, fell asleep at the wheel. No evidence was found that drugs or alcohol were present in the driver’s system or in the cab of the truck.

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