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Gov. Bullock allows all-mail voting for June primary

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Helena, MT – Montana counties will be able to conduct the June 2 primary election by mail, if they choose. Gov. Steve Bullock's order allowing vote-by-mail for the primary could help increase turnout while also decreasing the potential spread of coronavirus. Comments from Aaron Murphy, executive director, Montana Conservation Voters.

Click on the image for audio. ~For Montana counties that opt in for an all-mail primary this June, ballots
must go out by May 8. (Scott Van Blarcom/Adobe Stock)

March 27, 2020
HELENA, Montana - In response to the new coronavirus pandemic, Montana counties will have the option to conduct the June primary completely by mail.


Gov. Steve Bullock has issued an order expanding mail-in ballots and early voting for the June 2 election, in order to help slow the spread of the virus.


Executive Director of the group Montana Conservation Voters, Aaron Murphy, says it's an important decision that will ensure the integrity of the state's election.


"Despite the setbacks that we are all facing and struggling with together, the ability to vote transcends all of that," says Murphy. "And so, it's important for us to make sure that our democracy and our elected representatives are chosen appropriately."


Murphy says virtually every county will pursue voting by mail. Bullock has issued a stay-at-home order starting on Saturday.


Postage won't be necessary for Montanans to return their ballots. Counties that opt in to all-mail elections must send ballots out by May 8.


Murphy says Gov. Bullock has acknowledged that voting by mail can be hard for some communities, such as on reservations where folks may not have a mailing address.


"There are native communities where ensuring that everybody has access to vote by mail is a challenge," says Murphy. "And so, the governor looked at that challenge and ensured that, if anybody is missing a ballot, they can certainly go in and vote in person, still."


Early in-person voting is scheduled to begin on May 4.

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