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The Karbassi Chronicles

What a great, beautiful, sunny day that started out in to rain and then back to sunny again!

Today, started out to be a great, beautiful and gorgeous day in the beginning. However, at around noon, we had some wet weather from the sky for just about 15 minutes or so. After that, I do not know how, but the weather somehow decided to become sunny and beautiful again like before. Then, while my wife and I went to Stodden Park to walk around and enjoy the scenery, we decided to go ahead and play some tennis with just our hands and tossing the wet ball around the court. It was also fun to do just that.

 We are just so grateful for what we have and what we get, so I hope you know that I, the writer was not complaining at all about the lovely weather that we have every day.

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Are you watching all your favorite shows on Sunday nights? if so, what are you watching?

It sure is very difficult to determine which shows to watch and when on your television at one time! You may be wondering on why I'm writing about this on my blog and the reason is very simple. Because it is very hard to decide if you may want to watch one show or the other. My favorite shows happen to be #Resurrection on ABC, as well as #Believe on NBC. however, the only problem is that they are both all at the same time. This also includes my other favorite shows, that are #Revenge on ABC and the new show #Crisis that also happens to be on #NBC season 1 with Gilligan Anderson, who happened to be my favorite actress in #The X-Files Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder of course! I definitely miss The X-Files for sure. How about you my favorite readers of our news site?

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Have you done your taxes yet???

April 15 Tax day is approaching very soon.  So therefore, have you filed your taxes yet for the year 2013?  The reason on why I decided to write this blog today, is that my wife and I were able to file our taxes electronically at the United Methodist Church here in the lovely city of Butte, MT.  After that, we decided to have a quick bite to eat, so we decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants in town "Paul Bunyan's" Restaurant that is located at:
3150 Busch Ave, Butte, Mt 59701
(406) 494-7817

  We highly recommend their Mushroom Cheese Steak very much to the public.  Enjoy whenever you decide to go there with your family and loved ones.  Because it's definitely
a great place to be.  

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Are there any tennis fans out there that want to play today (Sunday)?

So it's going to be a great Sunny day in our beautiful town of Butte, America once again. So is any one ready to play a game of tennis with our Director of Marketing and Social Media guy "The 1 & only Ali Karbassi"! Because he's so in to playing his favorite game of tennis that he can not wait for the Spring or Summer to get here soon enough, so that he could be able to go out there again & Again to play his tennis game he loves very passionately and just can't get enough of it throughout the year. However, tomorrow (Sunday) is going to be a very nice relaxing day to go out with friends, family members or Colleagues to explore many outdoor activities as well as setting up a tennis match at "Stodden Park" or even "Father Sheehan Park" in Butte, MT! So doesn't that sound so much fun People of BSB County? Hope to see you all out there walking, running, socializing  or even spend some much needed quality times with our family members and loved ones! So what do you say Peeps, let's go out there and have fun tomorrow morning or afternoon, til the sun goes down and becomes cold again. 

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It's just a beautiful Gorgeous day in the BSB County!

"Beautiful Day" in our very own BSB County;
What can I say people, it has been a great beautiful day for every one to go and explore their surroundings whether it is any outdoor activities, or even indoors.  But our own Marketing and Social Media Director totally recommends being outdoors on a day like today.  He was trying to locate various people in our own tennis community of Butte, America to get together with one another and set up a singles, doubles, or even a mixed doubles match this afternoon.  But no one was able to play at this time.  However, if he were residing in the Magic City of Billings, MT, he would be able to call a few people around town, and have them gather at his favorite Pioneer Park and just play for about 2-3 hours.  He enjoys getting in shape by the various tennis movements and techniques, regardless if it is hardcore hand or foot movements, and he also enjoys the social aspects of playing tennis in the community.  He would also like to promote the growth of tennis in the community whether he is in the Big Sky Country of Billings, MT, or in Butte, MT!  So for now, please go out there, grab a racquet, hang with friends, and just have FUN out there!                                                                           
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