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The Karbassi Chronicles


WOW I still Can't Believe that they Captured the Second Suspects of the Latest tragedies that Occurred in my Favorite City of BOSTON, MA that is the HOME of my Favorite Team "The BOSTON RED SOX",, "The New England Patriots",, "The BOSTON CELTICS",, "& The BOSTON BRUINS"!!! I Can't Express my Happiness for the People of BOSTON VIA THE NEW ENGLANDERS that are Finally able to Rest Assured and have a Good SLEEP During this Unfortunate Ordeal of the BOSTON MARATHON Bombing!! My Question that even I Can Not Answer is, What is it Really All Necessary FOR ALL THIS NONSENSE BS my Peeps??? Cause it sure has Been a Very SAD WEEK!! 3 Innocent Lives had been taken AWAY on Monday and around 180 Men & Women had Been Injured by 2 or 3 Idiots that CALL THEMSELVES "TERRORISTS".... NOT SO GOOD if YOU ASK ME!! Glad that Every 1 is SAFE & SOUND! Enjoy your Weekend Every 1 on this PLANET EARTH!! :)

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Great DAY for a Walk and B Healthy!!

Today has been such a great Super FANTABOLOUS Day in the Billings and the Surrounding areas that my Lovely Wife and I Decided to take advantage of this Great Lovely Weather and walked for just about an Hour or so! In fact, we even went further and walked on a Downhill slope to keep Our Heart rate moving faster than Our Usual walks.... WOW AND O.M.G I could totally FEEL IT NOW & let me tell YOU my Audiences. It feels GREAT and again I FEEL EVEN BETTER NOW than I did more than an HOUR AGO!! Cause I Didn't even know about All my Calf MUSCLES that I had 'til NOW!! K so that's All for Now and like I said: "That's All Folks in the NUT SHELL"!!! O & THNX for Following me and the family so far. 'til Next time around, have a Safe and Happy DAYS AHEAD!! :)

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