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My wife and I finally moved to Butte, America!!

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Well hello and good day to you all my "ButteNews.Net" readers and admires out there! Well thank you again for allowing me to post All my contents and funny stories as well as All my family experiences and such. The day had finally come to our final decision to leave the Big SKY Country of Billings, MT and finally move to your hometown of Butte where All the friendliest People's live and work so very hard at their every day lives and jobs. So I really think that my wife and I will really like and Enjoy our new and improved adventure in the Butte and surrounding areas! We hope to find some new and nice Butteian friends for a long time. Cause your Mining city sure Rocks! So therefore, thank you once again for reading some of my Funny and Funniest posts on here and don't ever think that I DO Not like and Enjoy writing at All! So for now, take care of yourselves and one another! :) Yours; Mr. K AKA "The Karbassi Chronicles Master himself"

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