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News Briefs

Bulldogs pour it on, but lose 62 to 55

The Bulldog offense cooked, but Kalispell brought the heat, ending Butte's bid for a consecutive AA football title, reports.

Global market manipulation under investigation.

Manipulate a trillion dollar market here and a trillion dollar market there, and suddenly you could be in real trouble, Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone reports.

GOP prepares to purge its own

November 9, 2013
Montana's lone congressman Steve Daines probably won't face the wrath of establishment Republicans. He's shown that he is electable, but some of his Tea Pary colleagues may face powerful opposition in the primaries.  Establishment Republican PACs are emerging that are designed to stop Tea Party candidates, Politico reports.

Oredigger receiver hauls in Hail Mary

November 8, 2013
Outstanding Tech receiver Zack Kinney hopes to turn pro,  reports

Christie crushes opponent in New Jersey

November 6, 2013
Republican Governor Chris Christie won reelection in New Jersey by a large margin today, heartening Republicans who want the party to a move to a more pragmatic path. The New York Times has the story.
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