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News Briefs

Butte High has speech coach of the year

May 7, 2014
Terri Belke, Butte High's speech coach, has been named Montana speech coach of the year, the School District 1 website said.

Two shots fired at Gilligan's Tobacco Shop

May 2, 2014
Many of us enjoy a couple of shots, but not the kind experienced by a liquor store on Front Street Wednesday night. Two rounds from a high-powered rifle penetrated the front glass window of Gilligan's Tobacco Shop, KXLF reports.

Well, their hearts were in the right place

May 1, 2014
A Butte woman was arrested after allegedly driving drunk to see her AA sponsor. Her husband was jailed soon after when arrived to fetch his wife's keys. There apparently was a warrant out for his arrest, a bad day for George and Donelda Pelly, KTVM reports.

Benghazi furor bounces back

May 1, 2014
Like a poltergeist, it's back. Newly released documents fuel the Benghazi debate, Politico reports.

Big meat and ranchers argue over country of origin labeling

The players include American ranchers, both national beef groups, and the World Trade Organization. Since 2008 the federal law has required country of origin labeling, but all of that is changing, NPR reports.
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