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News Briefs

President Trump calls for the return of the earmark

Jan. 9, 2018
President Trump told a meeting of Republicans and Democrats gathered at the White House today that he wanted the earmark system to be revived in Congress, Roll Call reports.

Oprah candidacy mixed blessing for The Donald
January 9, 2018
While Oprah Winfrey would be a tough opponent for the president, speculation about her candidacy draws media attention from the new book about the Trump presidency, "Fire and Fury,"  notes Mary C. Curtis of Roll Call.

Meet Spectre and Meltdown, hacker highways to the inner sanctum of your computer
January 9, 2018
Four teams of computer security researchers recently and independently discovered a 20-year-old vulnerability into an innocuous part of Intel computer chips that hold our most personal information, Wired reports.

'Stable genius' tweets from White House

Jan. 6, 2018
In a tweet yesterday, the President of the United States described himself as a "stable genius." President Trump was defending himself against assertions laid out in the new book about the Trump presidency written by Michael Wolff. The new book, " Fire and Fury," came out yesterday ahead of schedule. Wulff claims that his book will bring down the Trump administration, the Guardian reports.

Fire and Fury spares no one

Jan. 5, 2018
Fire and Fury, the new book about the nascent Trump presidency, "singes" all it comes into contact with, the Guardian review says.

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