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News Briefs

Global ransomware attack could have done more damage

May 23, 2017
The global "Wannacry" ransomware hack could have been far worse, Bloomberg News reports.

Roger Moore dead at 89

May 23, 2017
Beatific Roger Moore, who played "The Saint" on television and 007 in the James Bond franchise, is dead at 89. He was in more Bond movies than any of the other actors who played the iconic British spy, national media outlets report.

Chris Cornell death ruled a suicide

May, 18, 2017
Chris Cornell, front man for the band Soundgarden died last night in Detroit at the age of 52. Cause of death has been ruled as a suicide by hanging by the office of the Wayne County Medical Examiner on Thursday. A full autopsy still has to be completed, reports NPR. 

Bullock signs tax cut for working Montana families

May 15, 2017
Montana - Last week Governor Steve Bullock signed into law HB 391, the Montana Earned Income Tax Credit. This will provide tax credit to low- and moderate-income workers of up to 3% of the federal earned income tax credit. "This is a big deal for 80,000 Montana working families that want to get ahead and stay ahead," said Governor Bullock. 

G.O.P. Senate pulling away from Trump

May 15, 2017
Senate Republicans are beginning to pull away from Trump, unnerved at his volatility and unpopularity. They openly questioned his decision to fire James B. Comey, F.B.I. Director and are pursuing their own agenda and drafting a healthcare bill with little White House help, says The New York Times.

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