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News Briefs

Developers may gain access to Alexa transcripts

July 12, 2017
Amazon is contemplating giving access to transcripts of users interacting with Alexa, reports. Google already gives developers access to Google Home data to assist them in the creation of new apps, the website reported.

Fed staff cuts and budget increases both possible

July 12, 2017
The Trump administration has included both staff cuts and leeway for budget increases in its proposed budget, reports.

Tester announces additional assistance for Montana counties affected by drought

July 11, 2017
Farmers and ranchers experiencing extreme drought in eastern Montana will have access to assistance through U.S. Department of Agriculture disaster relief. According to Senator Tester, "This assistance will help pull them through tough times so they can continue to be an important part of our state's economy."


Trump to meet with Putin

July 6, 2017
A meeting with President Trump and Russia's President Vladimir Putin is expected to be watched closely. According to the New York times Trumps staff has no idea what he will be saying. The sitdown is to happen tomorrow where Trumps aides will be close by.

Senator Tester's efforts to upgrade Montana's airports continues

July 6, 2017
"When you live in a state as sprawling as Montana, sometimes you've got to fly the Big Sky to get where you're going," Tester said. Senator Tester announced $6 million in funding to upgrade the airports in Montana as part of his ongoing efforts to #ConnectMT. Bert Mooney in Butte will receive $550,543 to complete phase two of construction on the 39,903 square foot terminal building.Bozeman will receive $3,211,200, Laurel $2,012,940 and Choteau Airport will receive $133,810.

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